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Landmark Cult: Does It Really Work?

  • Posted on July 26, 2014 at 10:42 am

What is a Landmark Cult all about? Does this Forum really work to develop your personal life? Does it really help open doors for you? Indeed, there is so much that one can read about Landmark Forum and other programs on the Landmark Education plate. But the Forum being the most popular has often been subjected to both bad and good propaganda over the years.
Some say that the Forum is a sort of suppression that brainwash people’s mindset to buy more of Landmark Education courses. There are also others who have attested its program’s efficacy in changing their lives for the better. It is a string of yes or no and each person who had experienced the program can make it more confusing.
But I was adamant to learn about what the commotion is all about. If it is a cult, I can always find a way to know about and be able to warn my friends. If it can be of great help, then, the better. It is actually win-win situation for me. Luckily, I did not came late on the first day because the Forum starts early at nine. From day one on personal perception to the second day’s personal responsibility and third day’s sharing and breakthrough discussion, I could not help at how each hour made me felt closer to myself. Every sharing and discussion allowed me to understand better certain things in my life like my failed marriage and flourishing business. A year after, I re-enrolled for further advanced courses in Landmark Education. After six years, I was able to get more of its program and basically find a way to live life to the fullest.

Bill Consolidation

  • Posted on April 28, 2014 at 10:10 pm

Lots of people these days are not that aware or don’t know anything about bill consolidation. How to get it in good way, and how this can help them settle their bills. This is mostly happen to those people who don’t follow any news about it if what is the latest information about their bills.
Actually when there are times that we are having or facing some problem with our financial condition caused by too many debts in our account. With that we do then we need to get nice advisory about bill consolidation loans and of course it is the best solution in the world for debt problem. Information about the bill consolidator for us to find the solution for our problem and to have the less worry from the debt.
You will not just settle your debts with it but also improve your credit.
You can have a visit on their site to know more the details about the debt, how you can manage the debts and how you can solve your problem with the debts and the credit that keep on growing and growing everyday.

Capital Management

  • Posted on April 24, 2014 at 1:40 am

A working capital was referred on business as a current assets diminished by the current liabilities. When we say current assets on business terms it do include the cash on the business, the stocks of the raw materials, the work in process and finished goods on your business, and even negotiable instruments like the treasury bills and debts which is from the debtors. There is the current liabilities which include creditors due within one year, and includes amounts of the belonging to trade creditors, tax liabilities, dividend payments because of the short-term loans, long-term debt due within one year and so on.
On the internet these days you can easily find for the service that can offer you management for your working capital. There is the Capital Management, a company that can prioritize you all the work efforts which can maximize the return on net inflows to their customers. Service was faster and more efficiently which was right for your business needs. If you are going to be their clients you can receive an individual attention to every batches which can facilitate the return for the collection of inventory and ensure more consistent results that can be helpful to your business. It is their mission to provide the highest levels of performance for months and months of recovery Out. You can have a visit on their site to find out more about their services and offered.

5 Ways to Work More Effectively With Your Administrative Assistant

  • Posted on March 19, 2014 at 7:02 am

Are you a manager, director or other senior-level personnel who wants to work more effectively with your administrative support professional? Did you know that partnering with your administrative assistants and executive assistants can actually help you to meet your professional goals at work? Would you like to know how to improve morale among your administrative support professionals and retain them as long-term employees? After all, isn’t it a lot more profitable to retain existing staff than to constantly hire, train and get along with new staff? Here are five ways to work more effectively with your current administrative support professionals starting now:
1. Assume that your administrative support professional doesn’t know what’s on your mind until you tell him. That’s the one assumption it’s okay to make in the office environment. Always remember that your administrative support professional is not a mind reader–no matter how in tune with your thoughts she or he may seem to be sometimes. It’s that one time that you “assume” when things will go awry in your work relationship.
2. Discuss your personal and professional goals. In order to be your partner, your administrative support professional needs to know who you want to be when. What do you personally want in your career? And what are you striving for on behalf of the company? These answers will affect your administrative professional’s duties. She wants to help you achieve your plans. Knowing these answers helps her to clarify the prioritization of tasks and situations that arise daily. She’ll focus on projects relevant to your goals first when possible. And she’ll know and pass along pieces of information she happens upon throughout the year that would be useful or of interest to you.
3. Discuss project expectations. When you’re giving an assignment, make sure your administrative professional precisely understands the expected project outcome. This means you will need to clarify the outcome in your head first and then clearly relay that expected outcome to your administrative professional. Clearly voicing the precise (or nearly precise) expected project outcome before it happens means no surprises upon project completion and efficient use of your time and that of your administrative professional. Precise communication prevents misinterpretation by both parties which can cause bad relationships and inappropriate work results. If the results aren’t what you asked for then maybe in actuality you didn’t quite ask for the results you wanted.
4. Have a daily briefing with your administrative support person. Meet daily whether either of you want to do so or not. This meeting forces communication to flow daily between you both, which is a good thing. And comfort levels with each other will rise. It could be a five minute meeting while standing. Or it could be a 10 minute meeting while seated that’s officially posted on the calendar to happen every day that you’re in the office at 9:00 a.m. Do what works best for you both. And make sure you’re uninterrupted during this time.
5. Support opportunities for your administrative professional to achieve certifications. For example, your administrative professional can become a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) and a Certified Professional Secretary (CPS), both elite designations by administrative professional criteria. Encourage her or him to train and test for these titles as well as have your company pay the registration costs.

The Emergence of More Creative Ways of Living

  • Posted on February 4, 2014 at 8:43 am

In the generative research I have conducted over the last three years for many different clients, it has become increasingly evident that everyday people are no longer satisfied with simply being “consumers.” They want to be “creators” as well. This unmet need for creativity is being expressed through the use of participatory tool kits (Sanders and William) whether we are conducting research with people about their home experiences, their learning experiences, or their work experiences. Their examples of what constitutes creative behavior are surprisingly varied. For example, some people say they feel creative when they are exercising or when they are cleaning out the closet. Others feel creative when making scrapbooks from family photographs. And others feel creative when they are cooking “freestyle,” making up the recipe as they go from whatever ingredients they have on hand.
The interest in more creative ways of living can be seen also in the recent spate of new books dedicated to the topic. Two good examples include Ray and Anderson’s The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World, and Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class.
New forms of creativity in art and design are emerging as well. Post production (Bourriaud) refers to the increasing number of recent artworks that have been created based primarily on preexisting works of art. Artists today are interpreting, reproducing, and re-using the art originally created by others. Similarly, “ad hocism” is the idea that describes the trend in industrial design whereby old products are salvaged and recombined to create new ones. The new products are often humorous, such as cheese-grater lamps and scrub-brush coat racks (Thompson).

The stockbrocker

  • Posted on October 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm

There are some great brokers out there as well as some who aren’t so great, but if you’re in awe of brokers (who now often call themselves financial advisers, figuring, I guess, that broker isn’t the most confidence-inspiring title), or if you believe you can’t possibly take any investment action without one, I want you to know how it feels from the other side. I was a very good stockbroker, but I had no mystical insights, no inside sources, no information I could learn that you couldn’t learn, too. And a good many brokers out there probably feel like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind his curtain. It can be a scary business, investing other people’s money.
There is not one adviser out there who wants to lose money for you, I can promise you that. The good ones would probably rather make more money for you than they do for themselves. It’s also true that financial advisers are real live human beings with feelings, insecurities, bills to pay, dreams of their own, pride, and ego.
Imagine the pressure. Most people don’t want to deal with their own money, so try to think how it feels to be responsible for dozens of other people’s money, their livelihood, their futures. Think how an adviser feels if she recommends an investment to you that she can’t afford to invest in herself. Is she telling you the right thing to do? Think how she feels if she’s also investing in the stock herself—will it cloud her judgment? The pressure, particularly if the broker is a caring person, can lead to what I call the jitters, which is not a good state in which to make important financial decisions.
The jitters occur when raw nerves take over and important decisions about money, which after all are decisions about people’s lives, are made from fear and ervousness, rather than from that pure inner voice and true knowledge.
Suppose an adviser has built a tremendous position in XYZ stock. As he sits at his computer terminal, he watches every time XYZ moves up and he watches every time XYZ moves down. With every tick down, his phone rings and it is a client asking about XYZ; with every tick up, he awaits the next tick down, he gets jittery; the notion hits him that maybe it’s time to sell.
Now he starts punching in the symbol of that stock over and over again to get more detailed information than what the screen normally tells him. He watches the volume: What do others who are selling know that he doesn’t know? He looks at the bid, the ask, the research reports. What do they really mean? He calls a few of his friends who also have a position in the stock, to see what they think. Even if none of these people had been thinking sell, even if they reply, “Well, I really still like the stock,” something happens. Doubt has a domino effect; I’ve seen it.
Meantime the supervisor walks by to remind the adviser, who works on commission, that he hasn’t met his sales quota this quarter. To do so, he must buy some more stocks on his clients’ behalf or sell some more. Then his wife calls. They need a new furnace. Then the woman at the next screen starts jumping around with joy—another stock she has built a position in has just gone through the ceiling. She begins making excited calls to tell her clients the great news. Then our adviser
•hears a tick and looks at the screen: XYZ is down another one- half point.
After a few hours of this, the adviser makes the decision,
• s his clients, and sells the stock. End of jitters? No way; now
real test begins. If the stock starts rising, the phone begins ringing with clients wanting to know why he sold so soon. It’s almost harder not making as much as could have been made in a stock than it is to lose some and feel relief at not having lost everything. The whole experience goes into our adviser’s jittery memory bank and is automatically recalled the next time he thinks about buying or selling.
It takes an extraordinarily disciplined person to overcome these jitters and to make continually intelligent decisions based on his or her pure inner voice and what can be learned about a stock. It takes even more discipline to believe what you know when the jitters of other people who happen to own the same stock as you are spreading through a brokerage firm like the flu.
If you decide you want to go with a broker, fine. If you already have a wonderful broker who has so far done very well for you, even better. Best of all is if you decide to handle your own money and feel powerful and confident about doing so. In any case, though, it is your money—and it must be guided by what your inner voice tells you to do.

The Solos: Travails Of “Exposed” Property Owners

  • Posted on September 26, 2013 at 8:51 am

The simplest and oldest form of business is the sole proprietorship. When one person owns a business enterprise, any income from that business is considered his personal income and is fair game to creditors. People who are engaged in conducting business for themselves may be classified as sole proprietors. Look around every nook and cranny of Philippine urban and rural communities and you will notice the proliferation of sari-sari stores. A sole proprietorship is the easiest, least cumbersome business entity to create. There are minimum permits and licenses from the government. The sole proprietors, in general, own all or most of the business property and has exclusive responsibility for the management and control of the enterprise.
Many small businesses start as sole proprietorship’s. If you start a business on your own — without partners—you will be a sole proprietor. You might get by with a city business license, a resale license, and a “doing-business-as” or fictitious business statement ). If you use your own name, you may not need the DBA. But you may discover
that your business is sending you signals that another form would better suit your needs. In a sole proprietorship, legally and practically, the owner is the business, and any capital must come from the owner’s own resources, and those borrowed from financial institutions. The availability of limited alternatives for raising financial capital is perhaps the greatest disadvantage of the sole proprietorship . In reality, the biggest disadvantage of solo ownership is that you alone will shoulder liabilities. You are the shock absorber of lawsuits. Sole proprietorship is the simplest form of ownership. It is also the most risky. The owner pours in his own money into the business enterprise, reaps all the profits and shoulders all the risks and losses. Just like a general partner in a general partnership, the sole owner’s personal liability extends beyond his investment in the business entity. Creditors could reach his personal assets in case of a lawsuit. The sole owner is practically defenseless against legal attacks.

a website differ to the business

  • Posted on July 2, 2013 at 8:25 am

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Very important

  • Posted on July 1, 2013 at 8:27 am

My sister is employed in Shelf Corporations. She used to work with Aged Corporations for five years. Before she was able to be employed in Shelf Corporations, she used to work as a saleslady in a department store. Having both jobs is as important as having a job for her. She is a single parent that is trying to make every thing fine for her family. She is very responsible when it comes on being a parent for her kids. As a mother I really admire her for being so well-organized in all the things that she is doing. She make it sure that she manages her time very well. Time management is very important especially when you are a parent. She is also preparing for her future by making some investments in many businesses. Retirement is generally viewed as the milestone that marks the end of middle age and entry into old age during this stage, the biggest adjustment that retirement brings is perhaps the loss of finances. It is characterized by a definite pattern of declining income. For those who are fortunate enough to have adequate income and decided to have a Shelf Corporation, retirement is open welcomed and enjoyed because that was the perfect time for travel and to pursue hobbies or other vacations that have been put off until a person retires from work.

Website maker

  • Posted on January 2, 2013 at 7:54 am

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