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Father’s handy man

  • Posted on March 29, 2010 at 6:10 am

I am a part time handy man who is now employed to help with my father’s project. My father is a contractor that had just recently got a new project, in order for me to earn money for my family. My father’s latest project is to remodel an existing house that has been erected for the past 20 years. Its design has been greatly influenced by Asian culture. And now the new owner of the realty property still wants to keep the design and just add a little detail of the modern designs that is being utilized in Hollywood , keeping both the old and the new design to compliment each other. Having two designs at the same time will have this conflict of ideas yet it also adds an additional accent to the home. Changing wallpapers or wall paints is one of the factors that could really compensate the design that will be appropriate for the given space. Buying new set of accessories will also help in the transformation of ones space. Home improvement can be in both the big and small scale. It all depends on the owner on how he or she wants it to be transformed into.

Architect by profession

  • Posted on March 20, 2010 at 6:09 am

I am an architect that is working in a firm that helps people build or rebuild their homes. I personally specialize in designing interior and exterior aspects of a house. But one of my favorites is rebuilding an old house; I just feel such rush of passion every time I get to work on an old house that wants to be revitalized. Working on a home improvement is really fun, especially when you get to keep both the ancient and modern designs to compliment one another. Having to bring a new yet old structure alive is such a beauty in sight. It is just a great challenging project to work with. Challenge in a way, that you have to meet the expectation and get the both design to compliment in each others aspect. The old designs are really hard to work with but with the kind of technology that we have nowadays it just makes the work easier and more convenient to deal with. Modern technology aids man in almost every way you could possibly think of. Like in our field of work, before you would have to go through a lot of labor before you could see the possible outcome of a certain project but with the help of computers and some special programs they just make it simpler than ever.

Obsessive – Compulsive Wife

  • Posted on March 11, 2010 at 6:07 am

My wife is a type of a person who just loves remodeling and moving our furniture time after time. She simply loves accentuating our home every time she can and could. Home improvement does not necessarily need to be expensive; actually you could do it with such a small costing. But it could also be a great cut on the cost if you could have someone within the household who knows to work on it. My wife always sets the house straight even how busy she gets, she always finds time to do her choirs at home. She is very much attentive on the things that needs of repair or anything. She is so conscious about the design of the house, most especially for the interior aspect of the house. She is very fond of hosting cocktail party for her girl friends, which is why she is very much conscious of the house every now and then. She did not want us both to be embarrassed to her friends and mine. But she really is very flattered every time a friend of ours gives us such a compliment regarding the setting or the design of our home. We treat our home as if it is the most precious asset that we have besides our kids.